Something to Remember

I am so excited to be posting about my latest project that was just completed.

After my great-aunt Marg’s husband died in 2012, she realized how important it was to her that she begin to document her life and history. She contacted my dad, Steve Porter, about making a video about her life and that of her parents. So we gathered Marg and her three living siblings (the oldest had recently passed away) and interviewed them about their parents, families, and childhood. This was such a great project for me to edit and be a part of, because my own grandmother was included in the interview. I’ve always appreciated stories of my grandparents and great-grandparents, but it is so wonderful for me to now have this film now available to me and my kids.


This project included 4 different camera angles, scanned photos collected from all of the siblings and other family members, extra footage (B-role) of the places talked about in the interview, names and dates labeled in the video, music underlying the entire film, and all burned onto a Blu-Ray disc with chapters labeled so to be able to navigate throughout the interview. And of course copies were made for all of Marg’s children, nieces, and nephews. We also added a slide show, including all of the pictures we had of her family, onto the Blu-Ray disc.


If making a record of your life, a parent’s life, or a grandparent’s life is important to you, don’t waste any more time. We can help you preserve precious memories of your family in a beautiful film that generations can cherish for years to come.

Email or call us today to get started!

Tara Brough  –      (480) 993-7748


Steve Porter  –   (480) 363-1013


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